Martial Arts Birmingham

Martial Arts Birmingham

For Martial Arts Birmingham choose Epic. We’re a small friendly, progressive Martial Arts school ideal for you or your child to improve fitness, learn self defence  and build confidence while having fun. Based in Moseley and Balsall Heath, we provide exceptional Karate classes for kids and Adults Martial Arts Training; for men, women and children; beginners or experienced. It’s suitable and effective whether you’re 5ft 2, 6ft 2, in between or beyond! To being training Martial Arts in Birmingham call Epic to start this week!


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With lessons three nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, training will burn fat, get you fit, help you to stay safe while building confidence and self esteem. The grading system is retained and while progression through the belts takes time and hard work it is extremely rewarding.

Martial Arts Classes in Birmingham

for adults and kids

Epic Martial Arts Birmingham is a Karate, Kickboxing and Self Defence School!

By drawing inspiration and taking lessons from combat sports such as Kickboxing, BJJ and MMA, refining these with the meaner techniques from traditional Goju Ryu Karate AND self defence systems. We teach you how to defend yourself should the worse case scenario occur. We will get you fit while teaching you the Martial Arts skills  to help you stay safe in Birmingham!

Measure your progress with Martial Arts Gradings

A lot of Martial Arts training results in students taking grading tests to earn their next belt or level. At Epic we hold both kids and adults gradings; each are Epic sweaty affairs with any progression, in the form of karate belts, well earned! The first step is to pick up the phone and call us and join in our Martial Arts classes this week!

Martial Arts School

All lessons are taken by a qualified black belt instructor, Dr. Jon Law. Teaching martial arts Birmingham for more than a decade, he is fully qualified*, CRB checked and Insured

*3rd Dan Black Belt, Sport Science (PhD and BSc) , First Aid and coaching

Karate Classes for Kids

Kids Karate for fitness, self defence skills and working hard to achieve! 

Martial Arts Training @ Epic

Drawing from combat sports, self-defence systems and Sports Science, Goju Ryu is given an extensive revamp. Skills and principles from all fighting ranges are adopted then tweaked for self-defence situations.

Stand up - Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing
Clinch - Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA
Ground - BJJ, Wrestling, MMA

Beginners Martial Arts

Beginners are always welcome at any class, children and adults. It’s fine to just turn up but a call is appreciated.

HIT FIT classes are an ideal introduction to martial arts training, with basic skills trained within a brilliant martial arts workout, suitable for all. Wear sports clothing and bring water!

Women’s Kickboxing Class

Female Martial Arts BirminghamAt Epic training is safe, friendly, effective and very much suitable for women as well as men

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