Karate Classes for Kids

Karate Classes for Kids in Birmingham

If it’s children’s kickboxing or karate classes for kids that you are after Epic is the place for YOUR CHILD. Our Karate lessons extend beyond the usual rigid, traditional outline of regular karate clubs.

Karate Lessons for KidsBuilding on a Goju Ryu Karate base we include wrestling and ju jitsu moves providing more skills to learn than the regular Kids Martial Arts class. Our kids Karate classes will include

  • a varied karate syllabus
  • regular grading’s for belt progression
  • valuable kids self defence
  • the best martial arts kids games for learning
  • a fun packed, exciting training session!

Kids love the karate training at Epic (read what they think about the classes here). Here the emphasis is on getting them active, learning skills and building confidence by achieving what once seemed unachievable, this is an ongoing process and builds a positive, confident attitude in your child. This is NOT standard karate, kids have fun, move around a lot, make noise and hit pads, all in a safe friendly atmosphere with NO standing around GETTING bored.

EPIC’s Karate classes for kids will get your child fit and teach them skills key to keeping them safe while improving movement skills essential to all sports. Overall our program provides THE karate classes for YOUR kids!  You will be glad you chose the Epic Martial Arts Academy for your Children’s Karate training.

Training at Epic

Currently there are three nights of classes at three venues in Balsall Heath and Moseley. To see where click through to the Find Us page or check out the training times. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to phone – 0776 444 9874 – or use the contact form.

The Kids Karate Training year

Epics Karate classes for kids run the entire year apart from 4 weeks, two off at Christmas and two in the summer holidays. During regular school holidays only the Thursday night class at St. Annes is held BUT all kids are welcome to come to these.

Kids Karate ClassesWe usually hold a grading each term, generally a week or two after half term. This means a tangible sign of progression, new or upgraded belt, is regularly achievable and included in the grading fee. Our Karate classes for kids instil a desire to do well and achieve in children, which is reflected in the grading, where the emphasis is on getting out what you put in. Poor effort will get you …………… nothing!